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"San Francisco's first & only organic brewery"

Reviews & Press

"…I couldn’t imagine a more perfect pairing of things I love: microbrews and tapas. Homemade lagers and paella?!? Perfection, I know. […] It’s San Francisco’s only brewery serving organic, hand-crafted ales and lagers and also recycles all paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass, recycles their cooking oil into biodiesel, buys local produce when available, and uses only sustainable harvested seafood."

The Anti_tourist

"The convivial atmosphere and fantastic crowd make Thirsty Bear Restaurant a must-stop in San Francisco whenever the need for casual dining arises. The Golden Vanilla Beer, Calamari and Paella are just some of the reasons why this brewery stands out for me and keeps me coming back for more. Its staff has consistently provided our group with such great service that it became a regular meet-up place among friends and colleagues in the area."

Clout and About

"The tapas were impeccably presented, and the lovely appearance didn't do justice to the explosion of flavor. Delicious. If I had to recommend a dish, it would be the crab empanadas. I don't know if it was just a fleeting moment, but enjoying the food and witnessing one of the best flamenco shows around turned a dull Sunday evening into a memorable end to the weekend."

Ciu San Francisco

"While this is a casual bar that happens to serve amazing, organic house brews like Polar Bear Lager and Howard St. IPA, I would not write this spot off for bringing the kids. They serve a wide variety of meals, including tapas (or small plates) for vegetarians, meat-eaters and picky-eaters (as many children can be)."

Every Trail

"Flamenco at the Crossroads" (The Bay Area's Flamenco tradition)

Carl Nagin, SFGate.com