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"San Francisco's first & only organic brewery"

Being Green

ThirstyBear is a CCOF Certified Organic Brewery in San Francisco. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in our organic malts.

ThirstyBear serves only sustainable harvested seafood- per Monterey Bay Aquarium Guidelines, all natural meats free of growth hormones, antibiotics & synthetic additives, seasonal local produce & whenever economically possible we choose organic, sustainable and/or local.

ThirstyBear is a SF Green Certified Business! We recycle all paper, glass, aluminum & plastic. We compost all organic matter including our spent grains from the brewery; we recycle our cooking oil into biodiesel. Our menu paper & to go products are 100% recycled & compostable. We use green cleaning supplies and green methods for janitorial & pest prevention. We have implemented energy & water conservation programs including low energy lighting and waterless urinals in our men’s room.

Feel great about what you eat & drink at ThirstyBear! We’re an establishment that cares about your health & our environment.

Our Green Philosophy

We are a certified green business with a certified organic brewery because we care. Either people change the way they live and do business or we will forever destroy our planet. We want to show through our actions that it is possible to run a business and do it in a manner that is sustainable for the environment. Thus we worked diligently for many, many months with the CCOF and the city of San Francisco to comply with their stringent organic and green certification programs. We are proud to show that one can run a business well and be environmentally friendly.