• Thirsty Bear tapas plate
  • Thirsty Bear tapas plate
  • Thirsty Bear tapas plate
  • Thirsty Bear tapas plate

"A Contemporary, seasonal approach to Traditional Spanish Tapas & Paellas!"

Our Philosophy

  • Use local seasonal products
  • Use sustainably harvested seafoods and responsibly stewarded meats
  • Rethink traditional Spanish tapas into a contemporary California context

The menu at ThirstyBear presents a contemporary and seasonal approach to traditional Spanish tapas. If you come into ThirstyBear on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that we change the menu frequently. This is because we utilize local and organic products as much as possible and try to minimize our carbon footprint by working with local farms and purveyors. By working with products that are in season, we are able to use ingredients at the peak of their flavor. However, starting with great product isn’t enough. We strive for a balance of textures, flavors and often a juxtaposition of temperature to create a greater impact than the ingredients would have individually. At ThirstyBear, we like to make food that tastes good, looks beautiful and is prepared responsibly.

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Recipe :: Hop Cured Salmon

Cook Time: Cure 48-72 hours / Settle 8-24 hours
Serves: 1 Salmon Fillet

2 cups kosher salt
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup cascade hop pellets

1 fillet of pacific salmon skinned and deboned
2 tbsp grapefruit juice


Rinse salmon with cold water and pat dry.
Brush grapefruit juice on both sides.
Spread half cure mix evenly over baking sheet.
Place salmon on top, spread remaining cure evenly over salmon. Wrap and seal tight.
Cure 48-72 hours depending on thickness. Rinse under cold water to remove all of the cure.
Place salmon on wire rack and refrigerate uncovered for 8-24 hours to develop pellicle.
Slice thin and serve on skewer with cherry tomato and fennel.