We are committed to brewing delicious beer using the finest organic ingredients including Admiral Maltings locally sourced, sustainable grown, locally floor malted organic barley!

Admiral Maltings Tasting Flight

Tasting Flight

  • 5.5 - 7.8% ABV
  • 21- 50 IBU
  • OG

A fight of 3 beers (3ea, 5oz pours, $10) all brewed featuring Admiral Maltings first batch of malt "The Maiden Voyage".

Tasting flight includes;

ThirstyBear’s Admiral Maltings Ale, A Strong Golden Ale, 17.8 OG 50 IBU 7.6 ABV, Jaryllo and X-17 hops

ThirstyBear –Almanac Beer Company Collaboration, "Hazy Voyage" a Hazy IPA, 16.8 OG 47 IBU 7.8 ABV, Galaxy and Equinot hops

Cellar Maker, Double Dry-Hopped Questionable Origins #4 Pale Ale, 21 IBU 5.5 ABV, Mosaic hops