Healthy Grains, the soul of beer and the heart of the matter!

  • August 19, 2021
  • by Tim Mullins

After a long Covid-19 hibernation, we've spent much time reflecting on the future of ThirstyBear and our place as a Certified Organic Brewery and Green Business in downtown San Francisco. As we planned our reopening, we felt most compelled to double down on our commitment to the Earth, to the climate, and to all of our health! Our focus on sustainably grown California grains now includes both our brewery and kitchen. We spent this winter and spring researching, going on field trips and building new relationships in the agriculture world that surrounds the Bay Area! The focus of our kitchen grain program is to allow the flavors in the grain to take center stage. The toppings are fresh, local, and creative, but the blend of flour for our pretzels and flatbreads is the really the heart of the matter!  Heirloom and heritage varieties are grown locally, sustainably and freshly stone…

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