We are committed to brewing delicious beer using the finest organic ingredients including Admiral Maltings locally sourced, sustainable grown, locally floor malted organic barley!
Photo of Admiral Maltings Tasting Flight

Admiral Maltings Tasting Flight

Tasting Flight

  • 5.5 - 7.8% ABV
  • 21- 50 IBU
  • OG

A fight of 3 beers (3ea, 5oz pours, $10) all brewed featuring Admiral Maltings first batch of malt "The Maiden Voyage".

Tasting flight includes;

ThirstyBear’s Admiral Maltings Ale, A Strong Golden Ale, 17.8 OG 50 IBU 7.6 ABV, Jaryllo and X-17 hops

ThirstyBear –Almanac Beer Company Collaboration, "Hazy Voyage" a Hazy IPA, 16.8 OG 47 IBU 7.8 ABV, Galaxy and Equinot hops

Cellar Maker, Double Dry-Hopped Questionable Origins #4 Pale Ale, 21 IBU 5.5 ABV, Mosaic hops