We are committed to brewing delicious beer using the finest organic ingredients including Admiral Maltings locally sourced, sustainable grown, locally floor malted organic barley!
Photo of Golden Hallucination

Golden Hallucination

Belgian Golden Ale

  • 9.5% ABV
  • 23 IBU
  • OG

Strong Belgian-style Golden Ale. An old favorite returns but with a new twist. Instead of organic Pilsner malt from Germany, we now use the finest Californian barley, floor malted and expertly kilned by our friends Admiral Maltings in Alameda! This new malt provides notes of honeysuckle and vanilla along with the characteristic breadiness of Pils malt. We packed the mash tun and then generously hopped the golden wort with Cascade and El Dorado hops, the latter of which provides fruity note of pear and watermelon which dance well with the expressive Belgian yeast strain used to ferment this strong, yet refined beer that almost takes on the appearance of champagne.


Cascade and El dorado


Admiral Pils