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Photo of The Cub

The Cub

Session Ale

  • 4.4% ABV
  • 44 IBU
  • 11.4 OG

“The Cub” is our interpretation of what’s known as “session Ale”. A “session Ale” has low alcohol content, allowing the patron to consume more than one in a single “session” of drinking. For the hop character we chose a few different hop varieties that we don’t highlight in our other beers, such as Howard St IPA, Grizzly Bear Red Ale and Classic C’s Pale Ale. We chose to use Jaryllo for its pleasant banana and pear notes, Azacca for some mango, papaya and lemon notes and then dry-hopped with Ahtanum for some floral, geranium aromas along with some more Azacca.


Bittering: Magnum. Flavor: Azacca. Aroma: Jaryllo and Azacca. Dry hopped: Ahtanum and Azacca.


Pale malt, Carapils