“Foggy” IPA’s!!

  • March 28, 2018
  • by Tim Mullins

In response to the demand for “Juicy & Hazy IPA” we have decided to give our hazy IPA’s the moniker “Foggy” as a nod to our San Franciscan roots!!

We’re  currently pouring ;

“City of Gold” In this mash we used golden Organic Admiral Maiden Voyage malt complemented by organic wheat malt and flaked oats, which help create “the fog.” Keeping to the style, there were no bittering or flavor hop additions in the kettle but a huge charge of Bravo and Citra hops at the end of boil. This beer was dry-hopped with Organic El Dorado (hence the name).

Upcoming will be a West Coast “Foggy” IPA, same process but featuring West coast hops varietals (piney and dank vs fruity and tropical) !?